Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms Of Use

Acceptance of terms

Your use of aryuenterprises.com online application and all web pages whether directly or indirectly accessible from as well as linked to aryuenterprises.com is subject to the Terms and Conditions. By using this Web site, you also agree to these Terms. Please do not use this Web site if you do not accept these terms and conditions.

Acceptable Use of the Site

The Website and its services intends to provide information on Aryuenterprises to existing and prospective clients seeking to find an online and IT solutions. These includes Aryuenterprises expertise e.g. – creating a new website, website security solutions, e-commerce solutions, online marketing, and website re-design. It is your responsibility to ensure that you use this Website by complying with these Terms and Conditions of Use.

Privacy Policy

Aryuenterpries will only use and disclose Your Information according to its then current privacy policy, on the Website. If you cannot find it on the website, please email to us to yuvaraj@aryuenterprises.com for a copy of our privacy policy.

Change to terms and Conditions

Aryuenterprises reserves the all rights to change the Terms and Conditions from time to time in its sole discretion.


The materials, content, services etc on the Website, including selection and arrangement, are protected by copyright laws. Unauthorized uses of these materials, content, services available on the Website are offensive to the laws of copyright. aryuenterprises.com does not grant any right or license to the copyright or any intellectual property as any material, content, or service on the Website, other than as authorized in Terms and Conditions.


The Aryuenterprises logo has been submitted for trademark registration and is approved for indexing and awaiting final approval. These are protected by the laws of trademark and other laws of the intellectual property of India and international too.

Complaints, Questions or Comments

If any complaints, questions or comments regarding these Terms and Conditions of Use, the Website and/or the Content, please feel free to Contact Us

Product Pricing

All prices quoted on this website are excluding Tax



On the approval of client for work to commence shall be deemed an agreement between the client and Aryuenterprises . Important: Approval for the work to commence and payment of the advance fee confirms that the client agrees to the terms and conditions outlined in this document.

Clients Responsibilities with Regard to Copyright

In case of the clients providing images, text, animations, layouts or any other materials for their website they are legally responsible for making sure of the material does not infringe any copyright. Certain images provided by may have been purchased under license. These images are licensed for use on a website only. The license does not permit them for public use. The website owner is responsible for making sure that this does not happen.


If failed to provide required website Content: You have to make sure that we are not delayed as a result of late delivery of the material may happen. This is why we ask you to provide all that requirement in advance. On any occasion where we are delayed due to you not providing this information on expected time, you will be charged for about 20% of the total cost of the project. If your job undergoes Search Engine Optimization, we need the text content for your site in advance. If you provide us the required information in advance and subsequently fail to do within four weeks of project commencement we have the rights to wind up the project and the balance should be paid immediately. This will not be a problem unless you give us the go ahead to start until you are ready to do so.


The price quoted is specifically for the work agreed and illustrated on the quotation only. There may be a surcharge if changes are required by a client after the commencement of work on the website.


AryuEnterpries shall waive any of these terms and conditions on an individual basis; this shall not affect the validity of remaining clauses or commit Aryuenterprises to waive the same on any other occasion. Your statutory rights are not affected by agreeing to these terms and conditions. AryuEnterprises reserves the right to change or modify any of these terms or conditions at any time.


If the client wishes to cancel at any point during the process they shall remain responsible for the work that has been done and shall be invoiced accordingly

Registration Charges

All costs arising from the registration of a domain name shall be met by the Client. Aryuenterprises recommend that clients register their own domain names so that they have full ownership of these but where we have registered a domain name on the client’s behalf we agree to transfer this domain name to the client immediately upon request and without charge.


Conceptualizing is the method of producing website concepts for clients. Concepts may contain site mock ups, graphics and design proposals. This takes a lot of time and it will be included for higher cost websites. Therefore, we request you to make sure that you would let us have a preferred scheme and design requirements. Otherwise, we will have to design the website based on only the information available to us. If it is not in favor of you, we may be unable to rework the website without additional charges.

If your website design is based on a template, we will purchase that particular template from a third party website you are suggesting. The template cost may be as part of the package deal. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that the content of that template does not break any copyright laws. The content includes texts, images, code work and anything subjected to copyright. Also, we are not responsible about the code and CSS quality of the third party templates. We suggest on buying templates from and however, these are suggestions only and we do not accept any legal responsibility for this.

Compliance with Ecommerce, Accessibility or Other Regulations

We design websites in accordance with the client’s specifications. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the website and its content comply with current online trading laws and regulations.

We cannot accept responsibility for any failure to comply with laws and regulations related to accessibility, selling online or those related to a specific business or trade. We can research this on the client’s behalf upon request, but in any business where complex compliance issues may exist we recommend that the client takes legal advice from their company lawyer.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We values and respect your right to privacy and comply with our rules and regulations under the Data Protection Acts.You are accepting the terms of it’s privacy policy by visiting this website. The content and the privacy policies of other websites cannot be held responsible as any external links of other websites are easily identifiable.

Type of information collected

“Non-Personal Data”

We gather statistical data and analytical information collected on basis of our website’s visitors. The demographic information which you cannot identify or contact such as IP address from where it is clipped or anonymous, types of browsers and other anonymous statistical data involving the use of our website are comprised by non-personal data information.We hold your Non-Personal Data for the following reasons:

The Non-personal data gathered from visitors in an aggregate form are used to get a better understanding of from about of visitors and also to help us design better and organize our website.

“Personal Data”

Personal information is only collected from you if you voluntarily submit it to us. This is the data that identifies you or can be used to identify or contact you and may include your name, address, Email address, user IP addresses in circumstances where they have not been deleted, clipped or anonymous, telephone number, birth date and billing and credit card information.Personal information is collected from you only if you submit it to us voluntarily. This data can be used to identify you or that identifies you or contacts you and also may include all your information such as name, address, Email address, user IP address in circumstances where clipped, they have not been deleted or anonymous, telephone number, birth date and billing and credit card information as well.


This website uses “cookie” technology. A little piece of text stored on your computer by a browser at the request of our server is known as a cookie. To deliver content to save your personal preferences and specifically to your interests, do not re-enter them each time you visit our website but instead we may use the cookies as our cookies are not available to other websites. The access codes and passwords of the visitors will be recorded by our cookies for instant login on returning to our website.

If your browser permits, you may also decline our cookies or request your browser to indicate when a cookie is being sent. At your own discretion you can also delete cookie files from your computer. If you ask for notification whenever a cookie is being sent or if you decline our cookies, the ease of use of this website may be affected.

“Sale of Business”

We reserve the right to transfer your personal data and information to a third party in case of a sale, merger, liquidation, receivership or transfer of all or partly the assets of our company provided that is agreed by the third party to adhere to terms of the Privacy Policy and provided that your personal data is used only by the third party for the purposes that you provided it to us. A notification will b sent to you in case of any such transfer and you will be offered an opportunity to opt-out.


Your Personal Data is held on secured servers that the third party hosts who comply with the fully relevant data protection policies within their jurisdictions. The nature of the Internet cannot be guaranteed or warrant the security of any information you transmit to us through the Internet. No data transmission through Internet can be guaranteed 100%. However, all reasonable steps will be taken to protect your Personal Data.

“Changes to the Website Privacy Policy”

Changes made to this Website Privacy Policy will be notified on this website in order to keep you aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances. If we decide to use Personal Data in a manner different from that stated in this Website Privacy Policy, or otherwise disclosed to you at the time it was collected, you will be notified through email, and you will have a choice to either to use your information in the new manner or not.

“Updating, Verifying and Deleting Personal Data”

In case of any changes in your Personal Data, you may inform to us as immediately as possible and according to our obligations under Data Protection Acts we will update or delete your Personal Data.